About Ling

See that picture on the side? I get told all the time that my face lights up when I talk about food. My buddy and I were yakking about where to find the best curry puffs, with the flakiest pastry and the most obscene amount of filling, when he snapped the pic.

Being the greedy person I am, it’s no shocker that I’m greedy when it comes to my bread and butter too. I’m determined to make a living doing what I love – writing. (Offer me a job and I will make you my mom’s award winning satay chicken!)

Maltose Memories

What you see here is a mini collection of seven food narratives, taken from columns in UMass Dartmouth’s campus paper The Torch and online food site Serious Eats. They are rich in butter and sugar and all that good stuff, while magically low in guilt. They are also chock full of what I like to think of as rough and tumble journeys down rabbit holes and chimney pots in different parts of the world.

I reckon they’re good reading for nosey people like me, and maybe you.

Barefoot in the kitchen will keep growing, with more food narratives joining the crew. There will also be a link to a separate site of published clips of my other great love – feature writing. Meanwhile, you’ll find more of my work at:

• Serious Eats Column: Snapshots from Asia
• Serious Eats Column: Grocery Ninja
• The Torch Column: Eat a Duck I Must
• Leite’s Culinaria Column: Nibblings & Scribblings

I love mail (especially the ones that smell of cookies) and you will find me quite talkative at kitchenslippers AT gmail {dot] com.

Cin cin!

Ling =)


6 responses to “About Ling

  1. Victor L

    I am new to the seriouseats.com webpage but I love the articles you write, especially the articles pertaining to Chinese cuisine. Really brings me back to some of the stuff my mother and grandparents made. Keep up the good work and thanks again.

  2. barefootinthekitchen

    Thanks, Victor =) This is a new and still-in-progress page, but I’m glad you found your way here!

  3. Sunkyung

    Hello Ling,

    Thank you for your insightful articles about Hong Kong in Serious Eats. I moved to Hong Kong this August and find your articles very helpful.

    Could you tell me the place in the photo for pineapple buns and yuan yang tea? I would like to go try myself.

  4. barefootinthekitchen

    Thanks, Sunkyung =) I’m missing Hong Kong terribly! The cafe in the photo is the Mido Cafe, located at 63 Temple Street, Kowloon. I believe it’s one of the oldest cafes in HK, and has been used in quite a number of film scenes. To be perfectly honest, I found the atmosphere thrilling (60s HK) but I’ve had better pineapple buns from regular bakeries =p

  5. Tiffany

    Hi Ling,

    I just have to say that your blogs inspire me! I found your Snapshots from Asia column in Serious Eats (which brings me down memory lane) over the summer and since then, I’ve pretty much been addicted to reading your blogs/columns but not in a stalkerish way. They’re informative yet entertaining. I’ve learned new things about foods I’ve grown up with. I think I’ll stop gushing now, but just wanted to say, of all corny things, keep up the good work 😀

  6. barefootinthekitchen

    Thanks, Tiffany =) I do appreciate the encouragement!

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